Simona Bertolotto

I was born in 1971 in Turin, the city where I live and I have two wonderful children, Vittorio and Carlotta. I was also a wife ...

Photography and fashion have always been my two great passions.


In 2017 I opened @sissiottostyle, dedicated to my tastes and style, at a time when everything on IG seemed so the same and approved.


The style I propose is a mix of research brands, vintage and fast fashion, I try to communicate my vision of fashion in a simple and original way with hints and ideas for contemporary clothing that does not necessarily follow current trends.


I have two mantras that encompass my philosophy:

"GOOD FIRST" is a message of acceptance and awareness; the error and the defect are a real part of each of us, so no filters or tweaks! The woman has her value and her beauty regardless of everything.

“NEVER TOO LATE NEVER TOO OLD”: because everything can happen in life, everything can change and at any age!


This is me.