My Photography

I was born artistically as a photographer in 2011, managing to achieve a portfolio of about 150 images on PHOTOVOGUE, the international photographic platform of VOGUE.it.


In the activities of the site "Best of the Day" and "Pic of the Day", the editors selected 19 times the image I had sent for "Best of the Day" and 1 for "Pic of the Day", that is the photo best of the day among the thousands received.


From 2011 to 2014 I participated in all the contests that Franca Sozzani had organized on her IG profile. Out of 10 contests I was selected all 10 times.


My reflection started from the fact that I was tired of perfection in aesthetics because the

I consider fake, while the real woman has flaws.

In my photography, imperfection is fundamental, error is the thing I love most.


I have dedicated myself to art and fashion photography for six years and my direction has always been “poetic-dreamlike” with references to Pre-Raphaelite painters, inspired by an idea of ​​conscious, sensual but not aggressive and never brazen femininity.