I was born artistically as a photographer in 2011, managing to reach a portfolio of about 150 images on PHOTOVOGUE , the international photographic platform of

In the activities of the "Best of the Day" and "Pic of the Day" sites, the editors selected 19 times the image I had sent for "Best of the Day" and 1 for "Pic of the Day", or the photo best of the day among the thousands received.

From 2011 to 2014 I participated in all the contests that Franca Sozzani had organized on her IG profile; she was personally active and published the winners in her gallery. Out of 10 contests I have been selected all 10 times.

My reflection started from the fact that I was tired of perfection in aesthetics because the

I consider pretended, while the real woman has some flaws.

In my photography imperfection is fundamental, error is the thing I love most.

I have dedicated myself to art and fashion photography for six years and my direction has always been "poetic-dreamlike" with references to the Pre-Raphaelite painters, inspired by an idea of conscious, sensual but not aggressive and never brazen femininity.

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