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Browsing the Site and / or accessing certain sections of the Site and / or any requests for information or services by users of the Site may involve the processing of personal data.
The user acknowledges that any indication of personal and contact data of any third party other than the user himself (for example in the compilation of the data entry form on the Site) represents a processing of personal data with respect to which he is poses as an independent owner, assuming all the obligations and responsibilities provided for by current legislation. In this sense, the user guarantees that any data of third parties which will be so indicated by the user (and which will consequently be treated as if the third party had provided their informed consent to the processing) has been acquired by the user in full. compliance with applicable laws. The user grants the widest indemnity on this point with respect to any dispute, claim, request for compensation for damage from processing that should be received by any third party concerned due to the provision of the data indicated by the user in violation of the data protection regulations. applicable personal.

The protection of personal data is of fundamental importance for us and we want to ensure that the processing of personal data carried out in any way, both automated and manual, takes place in full compliance with the safeguards and rights recognized by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the Parliament. Of the European Union and of the Council, of 27 April 2016, concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as the free circulation of such data (hereinafter, the "Regulation") and the additional applicable rules on the protection of personal data.

The Regulation provides that, before proceeding with the processing of personal data - with this term meaning, according to the relevant definition contained in article 4 at point 2) of the Regulation, "any operation or set of operations, carried out with or without the aid of automated processes applied to personal data or sets of personal data, such as the collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, dissemination or any other form of making available, comparison or interconnection, limitation, cancellation or destruction "(hereinafter the" Treatment ") - it is necessary that the person to whom such personal data belong to is informed about the reasons for which such data are requested and how they will be used.

In this regard, this document is intended to provide you, in a simple and intuitive way, information on the type of information and personal data collected through the Site and all useful and necessary information so that you can provide your personal data in a conscious and informed and, at any time, request and obtain clarifications and / or corrections.

This is an information notice (hereinafter, "Privacy Policy") drawn up on the basis of the principle of transparency and all the elements required by article 13 of the Regulation and is divided into individual sections, each of which deals with a specific topic in order to make reading faster, easier and easier to understand.

This Privacy Policy is provided only for this Site and not for other websites that may be consulted by the user via links.


A. What is meant by personal data?
B. Who is the data controller?
C. Who can you contact?
D. What data do we collect and use?
E. Why do we process personal data and what is the legal basis for the processing?
F. Is it necessary to provide personal data and what are the consequences of refusal?
G. Data relating to minors
H. Who has access to personal data and with whom is it shared?
I. How do we process personal data and how long do we keep them?
J. Can we transfer personal data to third countries or international organizations?
K. What rights can you exercise and how?
L. Is it possible to lodge a complaint?
M. Updates
A. What is meant by personal data?
Personal data means all information useful for identifying a subject, which is already held by the data controller or which the latter could come into possession of.
By way of example, the following are considered personal data: name and surname; address; telephone number; email address; localization. But the data generated through the use of the services offered through the Site are also personal data, such as: information on the browser and on the device; IP address; data on the use of the Site; information collected through cookies and other technologies, provided by you and which do not reveal your specific identity; demographic information and other information provided by you that does not disclose your specific identity (hereinafter, the "Personal Data").
B. Who is the data controller?
The company that will process your Personal Data and that, therefore, will play the role of data controller according to the relevant definition contained in article 4 at point 7) of the Regulation, "the natural or legal person, public authority, or other body which, individually or together with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data "is: Simona Bertolotto - via dell'Arsenale 35 / Bis - 10121 TORINO ITALIA (hereinafter, the" Owner ").

C. Who can you contact?
In order to facilitate relations between you, as an interested party, that is the "identified or identifiable natural person" to whom the Personal Data refer pursuant to article 4 in point 1) of the Regulation (hereinafter the "Interested") and the Data Controller, the Regulation has provided, in some specific cases, for the appointment of a control and support figure who, among the various tasks entrusted, also acts as a contact point with the interested party.
The Data Controller has adopted this figure of "data protection officer", the so-called "Data Protection Officer", pursuant to Article 37 of the Regulation (hereinafter, the "DPO").
As required by article 38 of the Regulation, you can freely contact the DPO for all questions relating to the processing of your Personal Data and / or if you wish to exercise your rights as provided for in this Privacy Policy, by sending a written communication to the address of e-mail and / or by writing to the DPO at the headquarters of the Data Controller.

D. What data do we collect and use?
No registration is required to access the Site. However, there are services within the Site for the use of which it is necessary to provide your Personal Data which will be processed only for the relative purposes and for the time strictly necessary.
The Personal Data you provide to us and collected through the Site, including for example name, surname, home address, telephone number, e-mail address, will be treated in full respect of confidentiality in compliance with all current regulations (and therefore also in compliance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, proportionality and protection of confidentiality and rights) and with logic strictly related to the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy.
In addition to the personal data provided directly by the user, when connecting to the Site, the computer systems and software procedures used to operate the Site acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
These are navigation data, information that is not collected to be associated with identified interested parties, but which by their very nature could, through processing and association with data held by third parties, allow users to be identified.
This category of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by users who connect to the Site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user's computer environment.
These data are used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the Site and to check its correct functioning. The data could be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the Site only at the request of the supervisory bodies in charge.
For information on the cookies used by this Site, consult the Cookie policy].
E. Why do we process personal data and what is the legal basis for the processing?
According to the needs expressed from time to time by accessing the various sections of the Site (and except for specific rules and information for individual operations that involve the provision of specific Personal Data, published from time to time on the Site), the purposes of the Processing are indicated below. Personal Data, i.e. those provided directly by users by filling in online forms, or those acquired automatically by browsing:
a) where required, manage the registration of users on the Site or the accession to the services offered;
b) where required, manage and administer the users' personal account;
c) follow up on any requests made by the users themselves, for example by spontaneously sending e-mail or traditional messages to the addresses indicated on the Site which entail the subsequent acquisition of the address, including e-mail, of the sender or of the relative numbering telephone necessary to respond to requests, as well as any other Personal Data included in the related communications;
d) improve the quality of the services offered through the Site after anonymization;
e) direct marketing and / or profiling activities if the user has selected one or both of these options;
f) manage and conduct, directly or on behalf of third parties, prize competitions, operations, surveys or other promotional activities or events (collectively hereinafter "Promotional Activities");
g) to conclude and execute the contract with the commercial partners; in this case it is possible to process the contact data of professionals and employees who will interact with, as well as those of the people who will sign the various commercial contracts, in order to create or maintain the commercial and contractual relationship;
h) fulfill an obligation established by law, by a regulation or by community legislation;
i) ascertain, exercise or defend our right in court;
j) obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the Site and to check its correct functioning;
k) management, administrative, accounting and tax obligations.

The processing of such data is allowed by the Regulation, as:
a) necessary to follow up on requests made by users themselves;
b) necessary to fulfill the obligations deriving from a contract;
c) necessary for our legitimate interests in pursuing the aforementioned purposes (for example to verify the correct functioning of the site and for security reasons, organizational and production needs to constantly improve the services provided to users, the quality and effectiveness of customer care). In any case, these interests do not conflict with the users' right to privacy;
d) in some cases, necessary to fulfill a legal obligation, for example in the case of communication to authorities, governmental or regulatory bodies;
e) necessary to initiate, carry out or defend oneself in legal actions;
f) is based on the user's consent (for example for marketing and profiling activities).

Regarding commercial communications, in every commercial communication we will inform you on how to unsubscribe in a simple and free way. We will respond to your request as soon as possible and, in any case, within the established legal deadline.
We have the right to process Personal Data for reasons other than those set out in this Privacy Policy, if such further processing is compatible with the purpose for which the data were initially collected or with your consent and, in any case, subject to release. of suitable information.
F. Is it necessary to provide personal data and what are the consequences of refusal?
The provision of your Personal Data, which are requested on the various collection occasions, may be necessary for the pursuit of the purposes identified in the specific information, or optional.
The mandatory or optional nature of the provision is specified by the symbol (*) next to the mandatory information.
Any refusal to communicate some of your Personal Data marked as mandatory makes it impossible to pursue the main purpose of the specific collection: such refusal could, for example, make it impossible to provide the services available on the site.
The provision of further Personal Data, other than those marked as essential, is instead optional and does not entail any consequences in relation to the pursuit of the main purpose of the collection.

G. Data relating to minors
The Personal Data of minors under the age of 16 will not be processed by the Data Controller, without prior authorization from the holder of parental responsibility.

H. Who has access to personal data and with whom is it shared?
Your Personal Data may be disclosed to specific subjects considered recipients of such Personal Data. In fact, article 4 at point 9) of the Regulation defines as the recipient of a Personal Data "the natural or legal person, public authority, service or other body that receives communication of personal data, whether or not it is of third parties "(hereinafter the" Recipients ").
In this perspective, in order to correctly carry out all the processing activities necessary to pursue the purposes referred to in this Privacy Policy, the following Recipients may be in a position to process your Personal Data:
Third parties who carry out part of the processing activities and / or activities connected and instrumental to them on behalf of the Data Controller (such as the management of the computer system). These subjects have been appointed as data processors, having to be understood individually with this term, pursuant to Article 4 at point 8) of the Regulation, "the natural or legal person, public authority, service or other body that processes Personal Data on behalf of the Data Controller "(hereinafter the" Data Processor "). The third parties who process data on our behalf and under our authority, have been adequately selected and are endowed with experience, ability and reliability and offer a suitable guarantee of full compliance with the current provisions on processing, including the security profile of the data. We periodically check that the Data Processors have punctually fulfilled the tasks entrusted to them and that they continue to provide suitable guarantees of full compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data;
Individuals, employees and / or collaborators of the Data Controller who have been entrusted with specific and / or more processing activities on your Personal Data. These individuals have been given specific instructions regarding the security and correct use of Personal Data and are defined, pursuant to Article 4 at point 10) of the Regulations, "persons authorized to process Personal Data under the direct authority of the Data Controller. or the Data Processor "(hereinafter the" Authorized Persons ");
· Third parties who may be independent owners even if they are "related treatments". These are those cases in which a purpose is pursued which, in fact underlying the main treatment, can or must be considered "instrumental" and therefore enjoy a sort of autonomy by virtue of which the person who realizes it is considered as an autonomous owner of a related treatment; for example, we may share Personal Data with our business partners for the provision of their services. In such cases, the subsequent processing and use of the data received by us are governed by their privacy policies and are not within our control.
Where required by law or to prevent or suppress the commission of a crime, your Personal Data may be disclosed to public bodies or judicial authorities without these being defined as Recipients. In fact, pursuant to article 4 at point 9) of the Regulation, "the public authorities that may receive communication of Personal Data in the context of a specific investigation in accordance with the law of the Union or of the Member States are not considered Recipients".
A detailed and updated list of these subjects, as well as those who operate as data processors, is easily available by sending an e-mail to:

I. How do we process personal data and how long do we keep them?
The data processing takes place with or without the aid of electronic or, in any case, automated, computerized or telematic tools, with logic strictly related to the purposes expressed above. The processing of data will be carried out in a lawful and correct manner and in any case in compliance with the aforementioned legislation, using suitable tools to guarantee its security and confidentiality and may also be carried out through automated tools designed to store, manage and transmit the data.
In the processing of data that can, directly or indirectly, identify your person, we try to respect a principle of strict necessity.
For this reason we have configured the Site in such a way that the use of your Personal Data is reduced to a minimum: therefore, the processing of your data is excluded when the purposes pursued in individual cases can be achieved through the use of anonymous data ( such as, for example, analyzes aimed at improving services) or through other methods that allow the Data Subject to be identified only in case of need or at the request of the authorities and police forces (such as, for example, for traffic data and your stay on the website or your IP address).
Your Personal Data will be processed for a period of time equal to the minimum necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data are collected, without prejudice to a further retention period that may be imposed by law and in any case deleted without undue delay.
Where possible, we indicate in the individual information the data retention period. In any case, the criteria used to determine the applicable retention period are: (i) time necessary to achieve the related purpose, (ii) time necessary to carry out the commercial relationship with the user, (iii) time accepted by the user and / or (iv) time required by applicable laws on the matter. Upon expiry of the retention period, the data will be deleted, or destroyed in a secure way where possible, or made anonymous.
Your data will be kept for a further period in relation to the purposes of disputes and any legal obligations.

J. Can we transfer personal data to third countries or international organizations?
Your Personal Data will be processed by the Data Controller within the territory of the European Union.
If for technical and / or operational reasons it becomes necessary to make use of subjects located outside the European Union, we inform you as of now that these subjects will be appointed as Data Processors pursuant to and for the purposes of the article 28 of the Regulations and the transfer of your Personal Data to these subjects, limited to the performance of specific processing activities, will be regulated in accordance with the provisions of Chapter V of the Regulations. All necessary precautions will therefore be taken in order to guarantee the most complete protection of your Personal Data by basing this transfer: (a) on adequacy decisions of the recipient third countries expressed by the European Commission; (b) on adequate guarantees expressed by the recipient third party pursuant to Article 46 of the Regulation; (c) on the adoption of corporate binding rules.
Personal Data may be transferred to the USA to be stored on the servers subject to the stipulation of standard contractual clauses with the providers of the servers and / or services entrusted to third parties.
In any case, you can request more details from the Data Controller if your Personal Data have been processed outside the European Union by requesting evidence of the specific guarantees adopted.

K. How is the security of personal data guaranteed?

We adopt adequate security measures in order to minimize the risk of destruction or loss - even accidental - of data, unauthorized access or processing that is not permitted or does not comply with the collection purposes indicated in our Privacy Policy.
The transfer, storage and processing of your data collected through the Site are ensured by suitable technical measures. However, we cannot guarantee users that the measures adopted for the security of the Site and the transmission of data and information on the Site limit or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data by devices belonging to the user: you we recommend that you make sure that your computer is equipped with adequate software for the protection of data transmission over the network, both inbound and outbound (such as updated antivirus systems) and that your Internet service provider has adopted suitable measures for the security of the network data transmission (such as firewalls and spam filters).

A. What rights can you exercise and how?
As required by article 15 of the Regulation, you will be able to access your Personal Data, request its correction and updating, if incomplete or incorrect, request its cancellation if the collection took place in violation of a law or regulation, as well as oppose the processing for legitimate and specific reasons.
In particular, we report below all your rights that you can exercise, at any time, towards the Data Controller:
Right of access: you will have the right, pursuant to Article 15 of the Regulation, to obtain from the Data Controller confirmation that your Personal Data is being Processed or not and, in this case, to obtain access to such Personal Data and the following information: a) the purposes of the processing; b) the categories of Personal Data in question; c) the Recipients or categories of Recipients to whom your Personal Data have been or will be communicated, in particular if Recipients from third countries or international organizations; d) when possible, the retention period of the Personal Data provided or, if not possible, the criteria used to determine this period; e) the existence of the right of the interested party to ask the Data Controller to rectify or delete personal data or limit the processing of personal data concerning him or to oppose their treatment; f) the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority; g) if the Personal Data are not collected from the Data Subject, all available information on their origin; h) the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling referred to in Article 22, paragraphs 1 and 4, of the Regulation and, at least in such cases, significant information on the logic used, as well as the importance and expected consequences of this treatment for the interested party.
All this information can be found in this Privacy Policy which will always be available to you in the Privacy section of the Site.
Right of rectification: you will be able to obtain, pursuant to Article 16 of the Regulation, the rectification of your Personal Data that are inaccurate. Furthermore, taking into account the purposes of the processing, you will be able to obtain the integration of your Personal Data which are incomplete, also by providing an additional declaration.
Right to cancellation: pursuant to Article 17 of the Regulation, you can obtain the cancellation of your Personal Data without undue delay and the Data Controller will have the obligation to cancel your Personal Data, if there is even one of the following reasons : a) the Personal Data are no longer necessary with respect to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed; b) you have revoked the consent on which the processing of your personal data is based and there is no other legal basis for their processing; c) you have opposed the processing pursuant to article 21, paragraph 1 or 2 of the Regulation and there is no longer any legitimate overriding reason to proceed with the processing of your Personal Data; d) your Personal Data have been unlawfully processed; e) it is necessary to delete your Personal Data to fulfill a legal obligation provided for by a community standard or internal law.
In some cases, as required by Article 17, paragraph 3 of the Regulation, the Data Controller is entitled not to delete your Personal Data if their Processing is necessary, for example, to exercise the right to freedom of expression and information, for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest, for archiving purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes, for the ascertainment, exercise or defense of a right in court.
Right to limit the processing: you can obtain the limitation of the processing, pursuant to Article 18 of the Regulation, in the event that one of the following hypotheses occurs: a) you have contested the accuracy of your Personal Data (the limitation will continue for the period necessary for the Data Controller to verify the accuracy of such Personal Data); b) the processing is unlawful but you have opposed the deletion of your Personal Data, requesting, instead, that its use be limited; c) although the Data Controller no longer needs it for processing purposes, your Personal Data are used to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in court; d) you have opposed the processing pursuant to Article 21, paragraph 1, of the Regulation and are awaiting verification of the possible prevalence of the Data Controller's legitimate reasons with respect to yours.
In case of limitation of processing, your Personal Data will be processed, except for storage, only with your consent or for the ascertainment, exercise or defense of a right in court or to protect the rights of a 'other natural or legal person or for reasons of significant public interest. We will inform you, in any case, before this limitation is lifted.
Right to data portability: you can, at any time, request and receive, pursuant to Article 20 of the Regulation, all your Personal Data processed by the Data Controller in a structured, commonly used and legible format or request its transmission to another data controller without hindrance. In this case, it will be your responsibility to provide us with all the exact details of the new data controller to whom you intend to transfer your Personal Data by providing us with written authorization.
Right to object: pursuant to Article 20 of the Regulation, you can object at any time for reasons connected to your particular situation to the processing of personal data concerning you, including profiling. You can also object, at any time, to the Processing of your Personal Data if these are processed for direct marketing purposes, including profiling to the extent that it is connected to such direct marketing. In such cases, we will refrain from further processing your Personal Data unless there are compelling legitimate reasons to proceed with the processing that prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms or to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in judicial seat.
Withdrawal of consent: if you have given your consent to the processing of your personal data for one or more purposes for which it was requested, you can, at any time, withdraw it totally and / or partially without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before the revocation.
How to exercise your rights
You can, at any time, exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address to:
We inform you that, in case of exercise of your rights, we may ask you to identify yourself before proceeding with your request.
For further questions or doubts regarding this Privacy Policy or for further information on our method of protecting your data, you can contact the Data Controller at the following e-mail address:

B. Is it possible to make complaints?
You can lodge a complaint with the Italian Supervisory Authority where necessary, or contact it to request information regarding the exercise of your rights.
Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial appeal, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Italian Supervisory Authority if you believe that the processing that concerns you is carried out in violation of the Regulations. Further information is available on the website
In any case, is interested in being informed of any complaints reasons and invites users to use the contact channels indicated above before referring to the Supervisory Authority, so as to be able to prevent and resolve any disputes in a friendly and promptly, with the utmost courtesy, seriousness and discretion.

C. Updates
We reserve the right to review, modify or simply update, in whole or in part, in any way and / or at any time, without notice, this Privacy Policy, also in consideration of changes in the law or regulations on protection. of personal data indicating at the bottom of the web page the date of the last update. Changes and updates will be notified on the Home Page of the Site as soon as they are adopted and will be binding as soon as they are published on the Site. We therefore ask users to regularly access this section to check the publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy.
Last updated 07/08/2020

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